Structural steel is a material used for steel construction used which is formed with a specific shape following carbon standards of chemical composition and strength. They can be defined as hot rolled products with cross section of special formed liked angles, channels & beams. There has been increasing demand for structural steel in construction progress.


At KPI our primary consideration is quality and quality alone. In fact our motto is above all. We never compromise with quality. Each and every product manufactured by us has to go through stringent quality test conduct at our testing facilities before approved by quality inspector. We credit our success to our quality considerably.

We believe that quality is only the aspect that assure continued retrieval of business and helps it in carving the niche for itself in the global market. This the reason we pay a lot . We must say that quality is both strength and weakness. Strength because it makes us stand and grow; weakness because we can’t manage without it , and will almost stimulate quality in our organization is not a parameter but a culture.



Structural steel is usually used for construction of buildings , transmission lines towers (TLT). Industrial sheds and structures etc. They also find applications is manufacturing of automatic vehicles, ships etc.

• Beams;
• Channels;
• Angles;
• Flats.