The types of steel flanges manufactured by us, step-on flanges, blind flanges, weld neck flanges, threaded flangs,sealed weld flanges etc. We strictly follow American Standard Institute (ANSI) guidelines while manufacturing steel flanges .

A flange can also be a plate or ring to form a rim at the end of a pipe when fastened to the pipe (for example, a closet flange). A blind flange is a plate for covering or closing the end of a pipe. A flange joint is a connection of pipes, where the connecting pieces have flanges by which the parts are bolted together.

Although the word 'flange' generally refers to the actual raised rim or lip of a fitting, many flanged plumbing fittings are themselves known as flanges.Common flanges used in plumbing are the Surrey flange or Danzey flange, York flange, Sussex flange and Essex flange. Surrey and York flanges fit to the top of the hot water tank allowing all the water to be taken without disturbance to the tank. They are often used to ensure an even flow of water to showers. An Essex flange requires a hole to be drilled in the side of the tank.


Steel Flanges:-

Steel flanges are used for joining and strengthening the network of pipes in a house ,office, hotel other structure. They are also extensively used in underground and over ground pipelines and pump stations . Flanges are attached to the conductors by means of bolts, welding or adhesives.

• Weld-Neck;
• Slip-On;
• Threaded;
• Blind;
• Shocket Weld;
• Lap-Joint pilling;